What’s does the $50 deposit do?

The $50 deposit locks your price for the date that you signed up. All that is due when you first register is the $50 deposit. The rest can be paid upon arrival or in payments leading up to the camp. It also makes sure you get a t-shirt.

What do I need to bring?

There will be a checklist included in the registration packet stating what will be needed. Or click here!

What is included in the camp price?

Included in the camp price will be a t-shirt, a running portfolio, meals, and lodging. Also included in the price are the activities - zip lining, rock wall climbing, archery, canoe and kayak, swimming pool, and more. There are going to be 5 live chats with professional runners including Leo Manzano and Colleen Quigley. Craig Lutz will be our special guest at camp for the week.


How far away is this camp?

Kansas City - 2 Hours
Topeka - 1 Hour 15 Min.
Manhattan - 45 Min.
Wichita - 1 Hour 53 Min.
Hays - 2 Hours 42 Min.
Tulsa, OK - 4 Hours
Lincoln, NE - 3 Hours 10 Min.
Springfield, MO - 4 Hours 30 Min.

Am I going to have a fantastic time at this camp?

Of course! With all of the activities included, the people you get to meet, friendships that will be made, professional runners you get to talk to, and becoming a better runner, it would be impossible to not have a fantastic time!